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Kids daily exercise habits and the myth of child safety being less today than when we were kids.

19 Apr

Most Kids Today Don’t Get Enough Daily Exercise. “About three out of four children ages 5 to 10 get less than one hour of physical activity daily, according to a new survey. Why? Find out here (Article Here)
I remember as a kid, growing-up in La Habra Heights, my brother and I would get home from school by 3:00pm. And after a quick snack we wouldn’t step foot back in the house until my dad would call us in for dinner; then back out until it got dark – 4 hours of outside play each day. Why are parents, today, not allowing their kids to do what we did as kids?

Response I got from posting the above on Facebook – “Agreed, but as a mother of a little girl, I think part of the problem is the increasing fear of predators and not wanting to allow your child to play outside without adult supervision. Parents just need to buck up and participate outdoors with their kids. After all, it’s a win-win situation; exercise, time spent together, natural vitamin D, etc….”

In actual fact, we and our children are safer today than in the past. The reason for the above fear is not based in actual fact but on this point: 40 years ago we mainly heard about local news and the occasional national and international news. We seldom heard about the rare abduction in say, Missoula, Montana or Laramie, Wyoming.  There was no need to pass that information along, outside the area of concern.

Today though, news is all about sensationalism, scandal, and the promoting of fear and terror in the populace. Now, instead of hearing about the rare, local kidnapping or murder we hear about every murder, rape and kidnapping and potential terrorist threat in the country. This constant media attack makes it appear as though these events are an ever increasing phenomenon and that it’s occurring around every corner. This newly instilled fear is exactly the planned, end-phenomenon, which the powers-that-be want ingrained into our every cell.

Well, I call BS and will never become the effect of any type of media propaganda – from the Right-Left or Center. My daughter, like I was, will be educated in common sense (street-smarts), to not speak to strangers and be observant of her surroundings for possible dangerous situations. I want my daughter to be prepared – head held high, not scared -head buried in the sand.

Stop worrying so much about your children, there are bigger issues to be concerned with – your weight, our own government, retirement, our food…!

Kids today are just as safe as they were in the ’70s, says “Free-Range Kids” author Lenore Skenazy, and what’s really distressing is an alarmist culture that refuses to let them grow up. (Free-Range Kids – Salon Article Here)

Article provided by Dr Marcus Ettinger