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Wordless Wednesday

31 Aug


Our Kids Health vs Big Business and Corporate Greed. Does our ignorance play a part in this?

25 Aug
Article written and provided by Dr Marcus Edinger 
do Walmart, Kraft and Coke Cola send Europe, pure, unadulterated
versions of their food products and we get the versions that contain
genetically modified ingredients, dyes, flavor enhancers and

  • Why did allergy to peanuts double from 1997 to 2002?
  • Why do 1 in 17 children under the age of three have a food allergy.
  • Why
    has there been a 256% increase in the rate of hospitalizations (doctors
    admitting patients not parents) related to food allergies.
  • The
    fact is, that in 2008, Kraft removed artificial colorings, like yellow
    #5, and chemical sweeteners, like aspartame, from the products that they
    distribute in Europe, Australia, and other developed countries due to
    consumer concern over scientific studies that link these synthetic
    ingredients to hyperactivity and asthma in children. But, they haven’t
    done the same thing here in the U.S.!

Robyn O’Brien shares her personal story and how it inspired her current path
as a “Real Food” evangelist. Grounded in a successful Wall Street career
that was more interested in food as good business than good-for-you,
this mother of four was shaken awake by the dangerous allergic reaction
of one of her children to a “typical” breakfast. Her mission to unearth
the cause revealed more about the food industry than she could stomach,
and impelled her to share her findings with others.

Watch this video (HERE)

About this speaker:

authored “The Unhealthy Truth: How Our Food Is Making Us Sick and What
We Can Do About It.” A former Wall Street food industry analyst, Robyn
brings insight, compassion and detailed analysis to her research into
the impact that the global food system is having on the health of our
children. She founded
and was named by Forbes as one of “20 Inspiring Women to Follow on
Twitter.” The New York Times has passionately described her as “Food’s
Erin Brockovich.”

**What is going on right now – One man’s mission to educate children, parents, teachers and administrators about proper nutrition in schools and at home –  Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution ABC Tuesday’s 8:00pm

America and England we feed our children very poorly in school. I am
discussed when I see what is served in my daughter’s grade school and
after-school daycare. If you really want to be upset, checkout how
children eat at school in other countries.

 – France’s Gourmet School Lunches (5:56)


Wordless Wednesday

24 Aug

The Dirt! Sheila K WTF? Are you Serious?

23 Aug

ADAM  aka Adam Gman aka Grossie aka Sheila K   

Sheila K WTF?

Entrenched in the Orange County, CA music/surf scene, since the age of fourteen, Adam Grossman is well established in the OC music community. In addition, he has spent over a decade in the Action Sports Industry, mastering the art of guerilla/grassroots marketing, with Adam leading many of the most successful campaigns.  In 2009, the gears shifted to philanthropy, and he developed several “on” and “off-line” programs/campaigns for celebrities outside of “The Orange Curtain”, including Al Unser Jr, The Backstreet Boys, Rob Thomas, Carnie Wilson, and Erik Dickerson, just to name a few.

As a musician and a drummer, Adam has toured the US and opened for legendary acts such as Billy Idoll, Bad Religion, Pennywise, Circle Jerks, The Offspring and many more. After spending many hours and several recording sessions in the studio with punk superstar Greg Hetson (Bad Religion), and producers/engineers Steve Kravac and Jim Monroe, Adam grew to become much more than “just the drummer”.  As a composer, Adam has written music for the Sony/ATV/Getty Images Spin City Music Library and currently is assisting in building out of NYC/OC/LA where he holds the title VP West Coast Operations..

Now that the cat is out of the bag, the formalities are out of the way and Michelle is no longer locking me in her basement, I figured I would take the time and energy to extensively Q&A  myself regarding, life, liberty and the pursuit of building  a “Real Army of Moms”  


Some of you may love me, others may not..  Some may questions my views and others may not. Some may find me funny and some may think I am a complete idiot.  Offensive?  Sometimes  Obnoxious ?  Most of the time… However… Keep in mind, like it or not, whether we are male or female… we all have the most wonderful commonality.  A Mom!  in addition, as you get to know me , you will realize that I am almost just as much of a Mom as the rest of you. 

First of all In my quest for knowledge, let me ask “The Army” (all of you except Michelle) a couple of questions

Is this what they consider a feminine side?  Are the things that I do on a daily basis, similar to being a Mom? Should I take my friends seriously when they joke about my mannary glands? When I feel like shit during the day, is that similar to PMS?  Why do I suddenly feel the need to shower more than 2-3 times a week? How many jacuzzi sessions equals one shower?  Do I look fat in these pants? How many calories in that Six Dollar Westen Bacon Cheeseburger
If I look in the mirror and straighten my eyebrows, is that not manly?  

OMG ! What has my life become?  None of these things are normal for me… You see, I am a Punk Rock Dad!  Rough, tough  rude, crude,  obnoxious and free of any of these concerns.

However… over the last couple of years, things have changed and continue to change drastically. You see… being bound to the house full time, caring for my mother in law, an 81 year old granny child, sure makes me think about things that are typically irrelevant in my book.  It truly makes me feel like I am becoming a MOM.  Alzheimer’s Sucks!  

Any advice for a Dad like me is always welcomed and greatly appreciated.

OK… D-D-D-Down to biz… Time for a little Q&A with little ‘ol me.

Grossie:  Now before we get heavily into this, I have to ask you the most obvious question of all. Sheila K WTF?

Adam Gman:    Well it has everything to do with Carnie Wilson of Wilson Phillips.  Yeah, I know…  Wilson Phillips has never been in my vocabulary, let alone my CD collection nor will it ever be… YUCK!   

However… When, I met Carnie, I realized how terribly people spoke of her for being fat.  FAT! So f-ing what!   I was working on a project for her at the time and for some reason, I was compelled to write a nice little promotional piece in Carnie’s defense. I was the fat kid growing up so I could totally relate.

It was hard promoting Carnie Wilson in the light of “my” peers, therefore I went under cover as Sheila K. 

Grossie: Dude! I can’t believe you told me that. OUCH!  That sucks… OK Sheila  What’s your affiliation with Real Army of Moms and what qualifies you to be in “The Army”?

Adam Gman: It’s funny you ask…

Grossie: Why’s that?

Adam Gman:  I started it. lol

Grossie: Right Guy or Sheila K or whoever you are.  How’d you do that Mr. Mommas Boy? Was it  because you could wear a bro-zier?

Adam Gman: Not!  Because I could… I thought of it first, plus I needed a place to post that Carnie Wilson story, that I didn’t want my friends to see me promoting.  Could you imagine all the shit I would take if the guys saw me promoting Carnie Wilson.   I’m just sayin…

Grossie:  Now I’ve heard it all…  So what’s the story with this Michelle chick?  How did you guys hook up?

Adam Gman:  Well… I met Michelle while playing in a project with her brother, Bobby Springston of the band The Bangkok Five.  Since then,  we have become friends and have started several small, successful business ventures together.  When I told her the Sheila K predicament, she just laughed. Then told me that there was a whole army of moms out there that would read my stuff. That’s when the lightbulb went off in my head.  I thought is was a great idea to build an army of Moms. Not just any army, but a “Real Army of Moms“.  There ya have it!

Grossie: Wow you are pretty lame.  What are you gonna bring to the site and why all of a sudden are you coming out of the closet with your Mommy fetish?

Adam Gman: Hmmm… Good question.  I don’t know…I might plug one of my many celebrity friends and help them with some promotional love.  I may interview a band. I may interview one of my hero’s or even a random Mom.  All because I am in that kind of mood.  I might  review products or tell a few jokes.  I may whistle a tune or write a song. I may do a drum solo or play the guitar.  Just because I can… 

But… Most importantly, I will help Michelle keep it fresh with interesting and humorous things… Spanning from intellectual thoughts to just plain old shit talking and everything in between…   

Oh… and It’s not a fetish. It’s just fact. Moms are the best. 

Grossie: Well Well Well… I got you now.  You realize that I am gonna tell everyone on your facebook that you are secretly a Mom, wear a cooking apron and you love Carnie Wilson.  I’m thinking of making up some shit too.  Hey dumbass, are we through yet?  I’m going Surfing.

Adam Gman: Yeah we’re done. Pick me up on your way, I am feeling the need.

In closing, I want to thank each and every one of you ladies and gentlemen, for joining The Real Army of Moms.  Spread the word as we have only just begun.

Stay tuned. A mind that works like mine, is a terrible thing to miss.

Adam G
Real Army of Moms