Ultimate Stocking Stuffer: The Original AJ’s Toy Boarders

23 Nov

Ahhhh…. The days of playing with little green Army Men on battlefields… All lined up with guns proudly displayed.  Each group of soldiers strategically positioned and ready for battle…

With the imagination we had as young boys, we were easily amused and made great use of our time with these little green molded heros.

Fast forward… 2011 where the politically correct patrol lurks…

I can see it now, ever so clearly…. OMG! We cant have this in our society!  They have guns… It teaches the kids violence, destruction and to use the B word… whispers -B-o-M-b-.

Why are they all one color?  This is truly offensive and discriminatory towards kids of different ethnicities.  They should be reported, punished and their product should be banned from all public institutions.  Let’s write up some legislature and throw the book at them.  ( I am sure they are out there)

How about this one?  No!  You cant have little tiny plastic Military Heros for Christmas!  We are going to get you a book on Nutrition…  I heard the Mrs. Obama  recommends it.

Let me think… There has got to be a solution. Hmmm…

 I Got it!!  Just in time for Christmas. Plus… They are little green plastic heros…

Mom!  Fuck The First Lady’s recommendation.  Adam G recommends it… and that’s much cooler.

Thanks to The Original AJ’s Toy Boarders taking the concept in a completely different direction. Help bring back the days when  plastic men and the imagination of a kid was a wonderful thing. 

To the Politically Correct Goon Squad… Put this in your pipe and smoke it…

The guns and ammo have been replaced with decks and wheels!

Adam G says… drop on by www.toyboarders.com and grab a few packs for the stockings. 

The imagination of your kid depends on it. 

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