Ahhhhh… To see family during the Holidays

28 Nov

I hope that everyone enjoyed a nice long Holiday weekend.  I sure did! Not as planned, but it was an actual attempt to  spend a “Family” evening with old relatives that I have not seen in decades.

Thanks to the internet I was able to find and contact Family members that I didn’t even know existed or that were even still alive.  After a five year quest I had felt my mission was accomplished as I was invited to a “Family” event.  You see… Since my Mom passed away, I had lost contact with way too many Grossman family members. Not to mention that I was a rebellious kid, that would cringe at the thought of a 2 hour drive in the back of my parents car to go see relatives and old people.  I would put up a fight at all cost, typically winning that battle.

Saturday came and the excitement was building as we left the house on our quest for family.

Let the games begin!

In any event, I would like to share with you, the apology letter that I had to send in regards to “Not” making the engagement.


Well… First of all I would like to apologize. There was a little confusion on my part about tonight. I feel like such an idiot, I can’t even type this with a straight face.

So here goes… Somewhere in between our last correspondence, conveniently I got an invite to a party on Facebook, that Mike Grossmanmusic happened to be hosting. It said bring food or drink and instruments.

Obviously that must be the right party, right? It had directions, phone and all. I was even 15 minutes early I was so excited.

So… at 6:45 the wife and I arrived. Walking happily, hand in hand up what we thought to be your driveway. Anxious to finally fill the Grossman family void in my life.

We were welcomed by a few cool people and invited in.

We sat there alone in the living room for a while watching a band play Led Zep covers. Good stuff! 

About 40 minutes in to the set, Mary finally asked me which of these people are my cousins. I hesitantly replied, “I think that Ryan guy over there… Everyone should be here soon… I guess”.

I think you get where I am going with this… Ooooops

In any event,  Mike finally showed up and explained that none of his nice musical friends were related to me and I missed Brunch at the ‘other” party. 

We truly tried to come hang out with you guys… We need to all hook up really soon.

Adam G


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