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Happy Holidays! Whatever that may be…

27 Dec

On the behalf of Michelle, myself and  Real Army of Moms, we would like to wish you the Merriest of Merry’s, the Happiest of Happy’s, and the safest of the safe seasons this year.

Whatever you celebrate…

Do it right!

As usual, in 2012, we will stay on top of our game in order to bring it to all you lovely Moms.

Until Next Time…

Adam G


Got Junk? I do…

24 Dec

It’s the day after Christmas and I was just reminded that it was not Sunday today.  
Thanks Michelle!  
Sometimes when I am preoccupied I loose track of days, not hours.
Thanks Granny!  
Anyways… It’s Monday and the chore that I long to achieve is way overdue.  2012 is literally days away and the junk that has been accumulating needs to go.  
My wife and I argue all the time in regards to what is actually junk.  Keep in mind, that I am a guy who over the years has managed to collect allot of what my wife consider junk.  You know the old saying…”One man trash is another mans treasure”  So true.  I have found the coolest things at swapmeets, garage and estate sales.
Now when Junk becomes trash, that is a different story.  When the pile no longer needs pillaging through by me, or has become somewhat weather beaten, it becomes trash.  However, not necessarily trash, if that makes sense…
From lamps to lawnmowers, from furniture to games, clothes and toys etc… It’s all in my pile.  Most of it is usable, but some maybe not.
That’s where Katy Junk Removal comes in, To them any task is a simple one. It’s not junk to them!  They donate and recycle as much as they can. The proof is in the pudding. They have prevented 1.5 billion pounds of junk from hitting the landfills. 

I say great job! Two thumbs up and a big Mom approval!

Until next time

Adam G

Please Mr Thief… Leave us alone!

24 Dec

Have any of you ever had your identity stolen?  I haven’t but my wife and Mother-in-law have. Total nightmare! As sharp and on top of things as my hawkeye wife is, she couldn’t even catch it.  With that being said we needed an identityhawk.

What are these idiots thinking?  I can picture the scenario….

Identity Thief #1 “Hey… let’s go steal someone’s identity today and we will see how long it takes them to catch on”.

Identity Thief #2 “Sure, sounds like fun”. “Maybe we can totally destroy their life too”.

Identity Thief #1 “Ha! Good times indeed my friend”. “None of these fools have identity theft protection“. “Let’s go get a drink”.

Identity Thief #2  “Yeah… Sounds good right about now”. “Who’s      buyin”?

Identity Thief #1  ” Dude, that’s a stupid question”.  “Hahaha… Not us”.   “Hahahaha”.

Since my family has fallen victim to identity theft, I thought I’d just put out a careful reminder.  You cant jeopardize your credit score or the ability to stay afloat in these rough economic times.

Happy Holidays and protect yourself in 2012!

Until next time…

Adam G

OMG Thanks! Just what I wanted. Wait… Do I know you?

21 Dec

As I sit here in my cave, I realize that the Holidays are upon us once again… Through the endless clutter of force fed, Holiday shopping reminders and gimmicky products that interrupt every show on TV, there are few that even catch my eye. It’s just flat out annoying.

However,  over the years, being the chef in the family, the little gadgets that supposedly make kitchen life much simpler, seem to always catch my attention. Keep in mind, I have never actually purchased any of these products. The offers just seem too good to be true. Then they throw in the famous, “If you order within the next 10 minutes we will double your order.” “FREE“. “Just pay additional shipping and handling”.  OK… Total buzz kill.  I have the “you get what you pay for” attitude, so they lose me every time.

This year I desperately wanted to try one of the new Ceramic Knives. I have a drawer full of Cutco, Henkels (That cost ALOT) and whatever else is in the knife drawer, but these are supposed to replace every knife in the drawer. Hmmm… Nice concept.

Now, I know better than to ask the wife for a kitchen knife as a present. It would be completely out of the question.  Let alone, the one “as seen on TV” or a $20 kitchen knife that will replace all the expensive ones we already have.  She just doesn’t get it. Cooking that is… She’s my love, my wife, my partner and my best friend, however… the poor girl can barely boil water without burning the pan.

Anyways, coincidentally a little box showed up Monday just in time for Chanukkah. Yay! It  had my name on it and it was from the Shenzen Knife Company. I didn’t order it and my wife didn’t have to order it… Shenzen knives sent me one for free to review on Real Army of Moms.

This is so cool.  Seriously…  One of the most appreciated Holiday Gifts ever!  Better yet it was from a complete stranger.  (Not like it was a surprise or anything)

Back to reality…  Obviously I just had to try it.  I’m one of those guys that just loves to play Myth busters and try to destroy things just because.  However, this time, in the Holiday spirit and out of respect to my newest bestest friend,  I thought I’d keep this simple and easy.

It’s 5:00 on Tuesday and tonight’s menu includes.  What do you know…  Chop chop, dice dice and a slivery slivery slice slice… Tomatoes, onions, cilantro and garlic, prepped to bath in a simmering pool of love. (No those are not my perfectly manicured hands)

It was enough of a test for me, as everything was achieved quickly, efficiently and effortlessly. It’s truly amazing. The damn knife passed through everything like a hot knife cutting butter.  I can in all honesty,  recommend Shenzen Ceramic Knives as it has passed my test.

So do yourselves a favor and grab a set or at least one knife to add to the ol’ arsenal.

or just enter the Shenzen Ceramic Knife Giveaway for your chance to win one…. See Details Below

a Rafflecopter giveawayUntil next time,

Adam G

A Laugh Couldn’t Be Bad #Buzzlol

18 Dec

I for one can always appreciate a good laugh.  It doesn’t matter when, just give me something to laugh at… or at least make me chuckle.

Sometimes I scour the internet looking funny blogs, videos,  jokes, articles  etc… when I have time to play online.  However… the searching and jumping from site to site, looking for stuff that gives me a rise seems to be endless. Yesterday, I stumbled upon a site that has just about everything to prompt a chuckle. It’s got the articles, the jokes, the videos and stories all in one place.

Below are a few links that I am sure you can relate to or at least find a little amusing…

1.  You know how bad the auto correct function on a phone works. Especially when you are like me… All thumbs. It gets pretty frustrating at times, but is often too funny. Funny Auto Correct

2. That stupid face that most girls make when they get in front of the camera… You know the one?  I just can’t figure out what they were thinking. Duckface

3. I am also a graphic artist. At least, I’d like to think so. So many others like to show their Photoshop skills and graphic talents.  But some of things that they don’t consider, or catch before the big online debut is pretty stupid.  Funny Photoshop Fail

Keep in mind, if our humor is not on the same page.  Go look around on and I’m sure that you will find plenty of funny things to pass some time.

Until next time

Adam G

Snooki STFU… Here’s A Real Role Model

14 Dec

Hopefully by now you are getting to know me, or at least getting to know my personality.  I’ve let you into my world… sharing my sometimes obnoxious stories, exploiting friends from my cellphone, my boarding habits,  my passions, my mancave and my quest to be “One with the Ride“.

This week I will stay on point with friends in my cellphone… Moving up the list backwards ( If you payed attention) Last week I started with “W” the next name in my contacts starts with V.

V is a special V, it is a double V.  First name V, last name V as in VV.

VV is the CEO of a company in the midst of re-introducing an American Icon to the World.  Therefore, once again, I am able give you, my lovelies… the goods.  
Ladies… I would like to introduce to you, an American Icon. One that I am sure that you are familiar with and if you are not, you must live under a rock.  This Icon happens to be a female, which is why I figured that you would appreciate it.  She has a commonality with my personal  lifestyle, otherwise I wouldn’t be giving her the time of day.

It was long ago during the glory days of the Malibu Surf Scene that she made her debut, which put an everlasting mark in the history of  the surf culture. 
The scene that she once ruled and the equipment she once rode have changed quite a bit,  however another tidal surge will further embed her name in future generations of female action sports enthusiast…

Will the real “Gidget” please stand up! 

You weren’t expecting Sally Fields were you?

The year was 1957… A war-weary nation was looking for a simpler, more joyful approach to life. Enter  Gidget—the story of a girl fascinated by the waves at Malibu Beach and the surfers who rode them. Nicknamed “Gidget” for “Girl Midget,” this young girl persuaded the local surfers to teach her to ride the waves. 

If Gidget’s story had not been told, California Xanadu would not have existed.  American youth would have missed out on one of the most powerful archetypes of innocence and fun. They would have been denied a happiness based on sunlight and sand between toes and the freedom to live life as one chooses.

Suddenly it’s 2011… A war-weary nation is again looking for a simpler approach to life. Other trends come and go. But Gidget is here to set the standard for those “corny” ideas we all want our kids and grandkids to embrace. Old-fashioned character traits like honesty, fairness, kindness and true friendship.

Amazingly, there has not been a new Gidget movie or TV show in 20 years. That is about to change, Gidget Worldwide is currently working with Hollywood partners to re-launch a series of entertainment properties so that an entirely new generation of young women and girls can experience the wholesome fun that Gidget stood for way back when… right now in the 21st century.
The beach and beyond… Gidget is   all about clean, wholesome fun and not just in the world of surfing.  Gidget Worldwide has plans to include other active sports like wakeboarding, skateboarding, snowboarding, skiing, soccer, softball, bicycling and beach volleyball. Look for the full line of apparel, accessories, sportswear, sporting goods, fragrances, bedding and home goods, music, DVD’s, games, accessories, and much more!  

Gidget’s vision, is for all girls to experience the fun of being a Gidget girl. They encourages girls to live more active, confident, joyful lives. And why not? After all, any girl can be a Gidget girl!
Keep an eye out for an entire line of Gidget goods in 2012.  

Gidget is Mom Approved!

I think Amy gave me an Orgasm

7 Dec

This may come off as a little odd, however here goes…  Have you ever had a meal that was so damn good, that it was better than sex? Well me either… Not yet at least… However,  now that I got your attention…  Amy’s Cafe in La Mirada, CA had me right there.

Sunday the wife decided to take me out for breakfast,  Yay!  I love food. But wait… I’m not that fond of breakfast. Typically, the Sunday bi-monthly trip to Amy’s for breakfast, is enjoyed by the wife and my daughter.  No Dads allowed!  I had yet to indulge, in the highly rated little cafe, that was obviously worth the 20-30 minute ride to the girls. OMG! A half hour drive in the wife’s car with no control over the radio.  Noooooooooo!

I made it through the drive and we pulled up in a little strip center, tucked back off Imperial Hwy and Valley View. Shit!  There were people waiting outside.  In my book… that’s a good sign. If it’s worth the wait, then it’s gotta be good right?

When we walked in, we were greeted and seated  with a smile, by none other than Amy herself.  We had the best seat in the house as far as I was concerned because it was closest to the kitchen.

The atmosphere is quite friendly, cozy and family oriented.  I enjoyed the nostalgia filled wall with previous generations of the family that we sat against.

Like I said before… I am not that big into breakfast, but instead of ordering from the lunch menu I managed to stay with the program. Amy had a breakfast selection that was actually quite impressive. It consisted of several type sausages (which happens to be one of my weaknesses). Also,,. grilled mashed potatos, crunchy french toast, homemade biscuits and gravy, monster omelettes along with the typical egg dishes. But my attention was actually drawn to the hand written breakfast specials sign on the floor that read… Shredded Pork Omelette with Chile Verde Sauce… MMMMM

Ok I have to admit, shredded porky with green verde sauce is one of my favorites, but never had it in omelette form…  It was a good call and probably one of the tastiest breakfast  I’ve had in years.  With a side of biscuits and gravy, along with, of all things, their famous grilled mashed potatoes, I realized had there was a God in heaven.  Yes… Grilled Mashed Potatoes!

Unfortunately,  the photos of my fully devoured plate of my new found breakfast favorite, would not do the dish justice. In other words… I couldn’t wait to dig in.

So while you imaging how good it was… and how good it looked… Take a look at a few more of Amy’s delicious home cooked dishes and drool till your heart is content.

Better yet, I suggest that you go try it for yourself.

Tell them Adam G sent you!

Amy’s Cafe
14228 Imperial Hwy
La MiradaCA 90638
(562) 941-9259