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Hail To The King!

18 Jan

Moving right along, up the list in my cell phone… I haven’t a “U”, so I will skip “T” and hop up to “S”.

Don’t get me wrong, I have some great “T’s” in here, but considering the previous entries were strictly male friends, I figured that I would shift gears and introduce you to a female friend.

I chose this photo, as she does
“not” have, a nasty cigar
in her hand.  Shortly before
 this photo was taken The
King was told to put it in
the ashtray(Not in photo)

Hail To The King! Don’t let it throw you of base… The King is a female.  Not a manly King, but a ruler of her own kind in a Kingdom of her own.

Once again, as always, for security purposes, we will call her King Ferris.
I met King Ferris over a decade ago, in the midst of my musical prime.  A genuinely unique las is she… Upon our introduction in the Kingdom of OC, thar she sat, upon a throne, surrounded by billowing clouds of smoke. Hail to the King! A fucking cigar smoking, tattooed woman that refers to herself as a “The King” that owns a record label called “Long Live Crime“.  How cool is that?

To make a long story short, she has been my manager and she is my friend.  She does some incredibly cool things in the Hollywood, including producing incredibly wacky short films. Thats why I am sharing  these today on this Wonderful Wacky Wednesday…

Pictured here… Seriously contemplating the many ways to infiltrate your minds.

Enjoy the following films. I know you will.


Where’s Erica?

11 Jan

Today, I thought I’d share a Facebook post I witnessed that definitely gave me a chuckle. 

Pretty recently, I noticed pro-surfer and friend Erica Hosseini  post that she needed a Bootie Freshener. Well... if you surf, and fully understand the frequent use of the word bootie, no big deal right? On the other hand, the majority of the population could not possibly understand the word bootie used in this particular context. 
As popular of an item that Erica has made herself in the world of new media, you could imagine that she, as a beautiful, talented pro-surfer/TV personality can accumulate allot of friends in and out of the surf world. 

Anyways, I noticed this post flash across the screen, where Erica had inquired if anyone knew of a good Bootie deodorizer that they could recommend for her. OMG! Say what? To that average human, outside the realm of the surf world, the interpretation of that question could be read one way.  Yes... You guessed it. A stinky arse... 

I've known her since she was a grom and despite the stinky bootie issue, she is a true inspiration to all women. So if you want to follow her constant, fun travels and crazy antics, go check out to see where she is now.

Until next time...

Adam G

Money Money Money Sorta… Kinda… Woulda… Shoulda… Coulda

4 Jan

Lets just pretend for a second that we are wealthy and have a few bucks lying around, just looking to throw some at the next big hit to fatten the stockpile.  Not your typical tech stock, or even a business venture.  Let’s just call this for shits and giggles, currency trading…

Money Money Money  Except in this instance, it’s not the Euro,  the Yen nor the Canadian Dollar.  We are going to throw a few bucks at the most speculative and currently one of the most worthless currency on the planet.  It’s called the Iraqi Dinar (IQD).

We know nothing about Iraq, the Iraqi Currency or even currency trading. Period! We only care about one thing.  Getting rich!  Based on a for sure thing from a friend of a friend.
You see, years ago Kuwait was going through some tough times as well. They took a good turn, stabilized things and their once nearly worthless paper currency by far exceeded the US Dollar.  The people who were at the right place at the right time, got filthy rich.  Really?  So the story goes…
Well Well Well… Here we are, actually ten years after the war in Iraq started and Saddam was knocked off his throne. The troops are home and Iraq is working it’s way to sovereignty . They are establishing themselves as one of the most oil-rich countries on the planet.  In addition, there are strong indications that someday the will get their shit together.
Here’s the deal… I don’t promote the Iraqi Dinar, nor have I ever traded currency, However, based on the word of a friend of a friend of a friends friend, I figured WTF?… I play the lottery and lose all the time. Shit…  For a buck you can get around a thousand of these things. 
So… to have a million of those laying around in a drawer is either really stupid, or just maybe… really smart?
OK… here’s where it gets fun. You pick up a few of these babies.  Whatever you can afford.  $20, $50, $100 worth. 
Next… you start to research your speculative investment and you stumble upon your first bit of intel. It’s from someone who knows everything about the IQD.  In the Dinar world, these so called know-it-all’s, are called the Gurus  They are truly amazing!  The shit these guys come up with is beyond good.  It has entertainment value in itself.  Some of the stories alone, almost make it worth the price of the E-Ticket.
Just to give you an example, below, I have personally crafted a few. The type of intel you will come across, while researching your soon to be new found wealth. on the various IQD intel/rumor sites online…

I have never posted on here in this section due to the fact that I would “NEVER” post anything that wasn’t for sure and didn’t come from very reliable intel with boots on the ground. 

On Friday night, I received a call, from a friend of a cousins, second separated uncle’s friends nephew, that is on tour in Iraq.  Maliki and the GOI have decided on a rate of $5.27 per IQD to $1 USD and the revaluation is immanent.  

The three suns reach the Middle Eastern moon on the on January 1st 2012.  This is a sign.  According to the Islamic calendar, it is the night of the Orange Sun, which represents change.  This will be the date of the revaluation of the Iraqi currency.

People this is it.  For sure!  I don’t think this is coincidental this time…  I heard from my wife’s friend, who knows nothing about the IQD and she doesn’t even own any.  She says there is a lady at a BofA in Middlesex VT, that swears that the DeLa Rue Machines will be delivered on Dec 29th. There will be a short training period for BofA employees, regarding procedures and handling, in order to cash in the IQD beginning the 1st of January 2012.  OMG!  People this is what we all have been waiting for.  We are RICH!  Praise Jesus… Halleluya!

Now we all know that Dec 29th 2011, as well as Jan 1st 2012 are dates of the past.  Better yet… NO bank is even open on the first, or second of any year. Period!

Man, these gurus have been hard at work, pumping the system for the last eight or nine years. Holy shit!  For some of the pumped, this had to have been a roller-coaster ride from Hell…  

Some of them, I could imagine,  have banked their life savings, based on stories similar to the pumped up BS I just made up off the top of my head.  They grasp on to any bit of hope regarding their once in a lifetime investment…  that was supposed to hit every Monday, Wednesday or Friday since 2004.  It blows me away how some people believe the silliest, most obvious bullshit lies. Especially the ones that are in complete denial.  Every time any of this reliable intel comes out they rush to purchase that last bit of Dinars with their paycheck before the big “cash in” day. 
I hope for their sake, this rollercoaster ride ends soon. Cuz if it does, I’ll definitely have quite a few extra bucks in my pocket. =)
Until Next time…
Adam G