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A Laugh Couldn’t Be Bad #Buzzlol

18 Dec

I for one can always appreciate a good laugh.  It doesn’t matter when, just give me something to laugh at… or at least make me chuckle.

Sometimes I scour the internet looking funny blogs, videos,  jokes, articles  etc… when I have time to play online.  However… the searching and jumping from site to site, looking for stuff that gives me a rise seems to be endless. Yesterday, I stumbled upon a site that has just about everything to prompt a chuckle. It’s got the articles, the jokes, the videos and stories all in one place.

Below are a few links that I am sure you can relate to or at least find a little amusing…

1.  You know how bad the auto correct function on a phone works. Especially when you are like me… All thumbs. It gets pretty frustrating at times, but is often too funny. Funny Auto Correct

2. That stupid face that most girls make when they get in front of the camera… You know the one?  I just can’t figure out what they were thinking. Duckface

3. I am also a graphic artist. At least, I’d like to think so. So many others like to show their Photoshop skills and graphic talents.  But some of things that they don’t consider, or catch before the big online debut is pretty stupid.  Funny Photoshop Fail

Keep in mind, if our humor is not on the same page.  Go look around on and I’m sure that you will find plenty of funny things to pass some time.

Until next time

Adam G