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Hail To The King!

18 Jan

Moving right along, up the list in my cell phone… I haven’t a “U”, so I will skip “T” and hop up to “S”.

Don’t get me wrong, I have some great “T’s” in here, but considering the previous entries were strictly male friends, I figured that I would shift gears and introduce you to a female friend.

I chose this photo, as she does
“not” have, a nasty cigar
in her hand.  Shortly before
 this photo was taken The
King was told to put it in
the ashtray(Not in photo)

Hail To The King! Don’t let it throw you of base… The King is a female.  Not a manly King, but a ruler of her own kind in a Kingdom of her own.

Once again, as always, for security purposes, we will call her King Ferris.
I met King Ferris over a decade ago, in the midst of my musical prime.  A genuinely unique las is she… Upon our introduction in the Kingdom of OC, thar she sat, upon a throne, surrounded by billowing clouds of smoke. Hail to the King! A fucking cigar smoking, tattooed woman that refers to herself as a “The King” that owns a record label called “Long Live Crime“.  How cool is that?

To make a long story short, she has been my manager and she is my friend.  She does some incredibly cool things in the Hollywood, including producing incredibly wacky short films. Thats why I am sharing  these today on this Wonderful Wacky Wednesday…

Pictured here… Seriously contemplating the many ways to infiltrate your minds.

Enjoy the following films. I know you will.