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Prehistoric Pets In My Backyard

20 Dec

Just when you think that you’ve seen it all, you realize there are so many things in your own backyard that have gone by unseen.  FYI…  amongst the other weird creatures, there are dinosaurs in Orange County CA. 

Well.. Kind of…  However, what I did see on my first visit to Prehistoric Pets was absolutely mind blowing.  It was much different than a trip to your typical pet store.  The look was different, the smell was quite different and there were no dogs, no cats, no birds, no hamsters, zip nada.
When I walked in the door I was greeted by Twinkie, a 350 pound, 22-feet-long albino reticulated python. who happens to the biggest in the world.  Really? A 350 pound snake? Oh my!
Twinkie is actually like a rockstar and has made some pretty special appearances along with his side-kick Jay. 

While Twinkie was the first creature that I saw, there was sooooooo much more to see in this 10,000 square foot facility, that went on and on.  It just seemed to keep going…..
and going…

and going…

and going…  
and going…  =)

With an entry fee of only $10 it is definitely an adventure we’d highly recommend!
I was fortunate enough to get a grand tour from the owner himself, Jay Brewer, who’s passion for the reptiles and snakes is quite obvious.   Now in his twenty-seventh year, what Jay started  in 1988 has evolved into Orange County’s most Jurassic experience.  The Reptile Zoo!

To tell you the truth… with all the families and happy kids engaging with the animals, it was like a small adventure, or a  trip to a helluva of a petting zoo. 

With a goal of educating the public, Jay and his Jurassic crew are constantly entertaining both in-store as well as on the road.  In addition to the constant flow of their private Jurassic Parties  of the best kind, the request for private engagements come from all across the globe. 
Speaking of private engagements, here’s a glimpse of the private party rooms that are available to reserve.

These parties are so popular with the kids, if you’re ever considering it, which we suggest that you do, you might want to start planning now.

 Click pic to book now!

OK…  Now that the kiddie stuff is out of the way, let’s talk about exotics…  
For the hardcore reptile enthusiasts,  rare breeds and even more so. one -of-a–kind pets are in high demand. 
This is where things get really interesting… 

Prehistoric Pets specializes in genetics.  Through a fairly sophisticated process of mix-mating and cross-breeding, they are able to genetically create one -of-a-kind snakes.  Jay breeds approximately 2700 snakes a year and creates some of  the most unique  snakes on the planet.

With that being said, the next time you are looking for something special for the person who has everything, visit for a full list of available snakes. They are badass!
Well… I can go on and on, but you are going to have to see this place with your own eyes, or if you are out of state take a look at their scene online, it’s incredible.
In closing,  I want to say this.. From what I witnessed and learned on my visit. Prehistoric Inc. is a corporation that cares about kids and cares about community.  They continuously show their support and share a really fun educational experience with you and your kids . To top it off,  they use what’s called  Swipe4TheKids, where every prehistoric purchase, whether in the stores or online, contributes funds to local youth enrichment programs.  
Check out this great local business!
18822 Brookhurst St
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
714 964-3525
Until next time…