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Got Junk? I do…

24 Dec

It’s the day after Christmas and I was just reminded that it was not Sunday today.  
Thanks Michelle!  
Sometimes when I am preoccupied I loose track of days, not hours.
Thanks Granny!  
Anyways… It’s Monday and the chore that I long to achieve is way overdue.  2012 is literally days away and the junk that has been accumulating needs to go.  
My wife and I argue all the time in regards to what is actually junk.  Keep in mind, that I am a guy who over the years has managed to collect allot of what my wife consider junk.  You know the old saying…”One man trash is another mans treasure”  So true.  I have found the coolest things at swapmeets, garage and estate sales.
Now when Junk becomes trash, that is a different story.  When the pile no longer needs pillaging through by me, or has become somewhat weather beaten, it becomes trash.  However, not necessarily trash, if that makes sense…
From lamps to lawnmowers, from furniture to games, clothes and toys etc… It’s all in my pile.  Most of it is usable, but some maybe not.
That’s where Katy Junk Removal comes in, To them any task is a simple one. It’s not junk to them!  They donate and recycle as much as they can. The proof is in the pudding. They have prevented 1.5 billion pounds of junk from hitting the landfills. 

I say great job! Two thumbs up and a big Mom approval!

Until next time

Adam G