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22 Nov

When considering this review of, my first take was… Online shopping. Ouch! Too many sites too many products. Ugh! I hate shopping! 

However… In this instance, with the Holidays coming, I knew I could put the site to the test.  This year, I plan on buying myself a new TV for my Man Cave, so the timing is perfect. 

In addition thanks to Real Army of Moms gets to put on another give-a-way with great prize opportunity for all you lovely Moms. (See details below)

When I got to the site, the first thing that I noticed was the lack of categories. Which was great for me, considering I was looking specifically for a TV, and they definitely had the scoop on plenty of them.  So… If by chance you are looking for electronics such asTV’s, Cell Phones, laptops or cameras, then this could be “the” place.  I don’t like the distractions of a million different categories when I’m searching for a certain type of product anyway. On the other hand, I did notice an option to recommend new categories, which leads me to believe that there will be more to come.

The fuctionality of the site is very user friendly and simple to navigate.  I had no problem finding exactly what I was looking for within a few clicks. Which in my book is an AAA+. The majority of sites are a total clusters of goods and offers, that require you bob and weave your way to a decision. IMO Complete waste of time! Then again that’s just me. definitely narrows down the search and price comparison similar to many sites on the net. However the difference is… not only do they instantly help find the lowest prices from various retailers, they help you decide whether to wait a little longer, to get a better deal.  In addition, if there is a newer model to be released soon, it will also recommend the option to wait for the latest and greatest. 

In the instance that you choose to wait, the Decide Mobile App alerts you when the time to buy is right, you can act immediately to take advantage of the savings. It’s actually a quite useful website and tool. I can safely say that helps you make the wisest choice, at the right time, to get the best deal. Good stuff!

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