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I think Amy gave me an Orgasm

7 Dec

This may come off as a little odd, however here goes…  Have you ever had a meal that was so damn good, that it was better than sex? Well me either… Not yet at least… However,  now that I got your attention…  Amy’s Cafe in La Mirada, CA had me right there.

Sunday the wife decided to take me out for breakfast,  Yay!  I love food. But wait… I’m not that fond of breakfast. Typically, the Sunday bi-monthly trip to Amy’s for breakfast, is enjoyed by the wife and my daughter.  No Dads allowed!  I had yet to indulge, in the highly rated little cafe, that was obviously worth the 20-30 minute ride to the girls. OMG! A half hour drive in the wife’s car with no control over the radio.  Noooooooooo!

I made it through the drive and we pulled up in a little strip center, tucked back off Imperial Hwy and Valley View. Shit!  There were people waiting outside.  In my book… that’s a good sign. If it’s worth the wait, then it’s gotta be good right?

When we walked in, we were greeted and seated  with a smile, by none other than Amy herself.  We had the best seat in the house as far as I was concerned because it was closest to the kitchen.

The atmosphere is quite friendly, cozy and family oriented.  I enjoyed the nostalgia filled wall with previous generations of the family that we sat against.

Like I said before… I am not that big into breakfast, but instead of ordering from the lunch menu I managed to stay with the program. Amy had a breakfast selection that was actually quite impressive. It consisted of several type sausages (which happens to be one of my weaknesses). Also,,. grilled mashed potatos, crunchy french toast, homemade biscuits and gravy, monster omelettes along with the typical egg dishes. But my attention was actually drawn to the hand written breakfast specials sign on the floor that read… Shredded Pork Omelette with Chile Verde Sauce… MMMMM

Ok I have to admit, shredded porky with green verde sauce is one of my favorites, but never had it in omelette form…  It was a good call and probably one of the tastiest breakfast  I’ve had in years.  With a side of biscuits and gravy, along with, of all things, their famous grilled mashed potatoes, I realized had there was a God in heaven.  Yes… Grilled Mashed Potatoes!

Unfortunately,  the photos of my fully devoured plate of my new found breakfast favorite, would not do the dish justice. In other words… I couldn’t wait to dig in.

So while you imaging how good it was… and how good it looked… Take a look at a few more of Amy’s delicious home cooked dishes and drool till your heart is content.

Better yet, I suggest that you go try it for yourself.

Tell them Adam G sent you!

Amy’s Cafe
14228 Imperial Hwy
La MiradaCA 90638
(562) 941-9259