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Got Scissors? Got Tip!

10 Oct

This may seem a little off the wall but….   You never know when you are gonna need a good pair of scissors.  Not necessarily even a good pair.  Just cheap folding scissors.

I am not promoting a brand or anything.  This was brought to my attention by a friend.  That happens to  be a Father and the son of Judy Haas Bingham, who will be officially guest blogging with us. She’s got a ton of poetry, and some wonderful children’s stories that she’d like to share with you.

OK… Now that we have some clarification, back to that pair of scissors.

Good for everything … You know when someone offers you a drink of their smoothie, and it looks so good, and you really want to.  But…. you think to yourself.  Geez!  Who knows where that mouth has been. Then you reply.  “Oh…  No thanks, I am really trying to cut down”.   Picture this. Being able to pull these babies out of your purse, and nonchalantly snip off a half inch or so of the straw,  and gladly take a slurp of that cold, fruity beverage.  That’s what I’d do.  Minus the purse of course.

The bottom line is… You might want to keep one in your  purse or diaper bag, because you never know when your gonna have to cut something, that a simple knife can’t cut.