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OMG Thanks! Just what I wanted. Wait… Do I know you?

21 Dec

As I sit here in my cave, I realize that the Holidays are upon us once again… Through the endless clutter of force fed, Holiday shopping reminders and gimmicky products that interrupt every show on TV, there are few that even catch my eye. It’s just flat out annoying.

However,  over the years, being the chef in the family, the little gadgets that supposedly make kitchen life much simpler, seem to always catch my attention. Keep in mind, I have never actually purchased any of these products. The offers just seem too good to be true. Then they throw in the famous, “If you order within the next 10 minutes we will double your order.” “FREE“. “Just pay additional shipping and handling”.  OK… Total buzz kill.  I have the “you get what you pay for” attitude, so they lose me every time.

This year I desperately wanted to try one of the new Ceramic Knives. I have a drawer full of Cutco, Henkels (That cost ALOT) and whatever else is in the knife drawer, but these are supposed to replace every knife in the drawer. Hmmm… Nice concept.

Now, I know better than to ask the wife for a kitchen knife as a present. It would be completely out of the question.  Let alone, the one “as seen on TV” or a $20 kitchen knife that will replace all the expensive ones we already have.  She just doesn’t get it. Cooking that is… She’s my love, my wife, my partner and my best friend, however… the poor girl can barely boil water without burning the pan.

Anyways, coincidentally a little box showed up Monday just in time for Chanukkah. Yay! It  had my name on it and it was from the Shenzen Knife Company. I didn’t order it and my wife didn’t have to order it… Shenzen knives sent me one for free to review on Real Army of Moms.

This is so cool.  Seriously…  One of the most appreciated Holiday Gifts ever!  Better yet it was from a complete stranger.  (Not like it was a surprise or anything)

Back to reality…  Obviously I just had to try it.  I’m one of those guys that just loves to play Myth busters and try to destroy things just because.  However, this time, in the Holiday spirit and out of respect to my newest bestest friend,  I thought I’d keep this simple and easy.

It’s 5:00 on Tuesday and tonight’s menu includes.  What do you know…  Chop chop, dice dice and a slivery slivery slice slice… Tomatoes, onions, cilantro and garlic, prepped to bath in a simmering pool of love. (No those are not my perfectly manicured hands)

It was enough of a test for me, as everything was achieved quickly, efficiently and effortlessly. It’s truly amazing. The damn knife passed through everything like a hot knife cutting butter.  I can in all honesty,  recommend Shenzen Ceramic Knives as it has passed my test.

So do yourselves a favor and grab a set or at least one knife to add to the ol’ arsenal.

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a Rafflecopter giveawayUntil next time,

Adam G