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Boneless Cowboy… But let’s just call him JW

6 Dec

I think today…  I will introduce you to a lifestyle or more of an addiction. One that many of you might not be aware of… or may have never had it slapped in front of your face before… One that entails the ability to block the fear, in search of a freedom in itself.  Fluid motion in many different forms, going many different directions, with many different meanings…  The few call it …”One with the Ride

When I think of the term “One with the Ride” I can totally relate it to my lifestyle… Keep in mind, it’s a term that I was literally unaware of, or, the words had never crossed my lips in that order, until a few months ago… But it seemed to stick

However… as you can see, I am one with the ride.

Now… this is not about me and my surfing, however… surfing just happens to be my ride of choice… 
Like I said when we started this blog, I will try to keep things fresh, spontaneous, different, and wacky, at the same time, spreading a little love with friends that I respect across America… I am not referring to my Rockstar and Celebrity friends. (However I may pull them out of my ass at any moment) 
Just everyday ordinary normal friends.  Fortunately for you, the majority of my friends are far from normal…
Lets start with the address book in my cell phone.  Not from A, but from Z.  I do actually have a Z in here, but I will save Zoro for another story. lol  So “W” it will have to be.
Today, I am reaching out, outside my area code, across the country, to a town in a state that I’ve never been before.  Better yet, it’s a guy I met face to face maybe once or twice…  But… We be Boarders. Bonded by commonality, like indians in a tribe.
The Boneless Cowboy
Today…  I want to introduce to you The Boneless Cowboy.  I don’t expect any of you to understand, unless you, or a loved one, are one with a particular ride.  Anyways… from this point forward, for security purposes only… we’ll just call him.,  JW
I met JW over a decade ago when I was merely a servant to his trade. (Scratch that, that don’t sound to good for my rep) …when we were making his skateboard decks. (Much cooler…  and  yes, skateboarding is also a part of my life)  Which is what this little story is about… Being one with a ride.  You catching on yet?
Now obviously I just didn’t pull that term “One With the Ride” out of thin air…  JW happened to plop it in my melon. (Scratch that one too. No likey)  …happened to introduce me to the term.  As always, I do give credit, where credit is due.

 JW is a very innovative, DIY kind of guy, that participates in anything pertaining to riding. (At least the ones that I can appreciate) The guy rides all kinds of things that I have never ridden.  Even a few that I’d like to try to master myself.  I guess when you are a landlocked surfer in the middle of the sticks, ya gotta seek out new territories and rushes to fill the void.  

In closing, I just want to  say JW is just a good ol’ boy, with a big ol’ heart, that loves what he does and helps others while doing it.

Boneless Cowboy aka JW, Zen Master and One with the Ride…
As far as I’m concerned…

Adam G