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Emergency Thanksgiving Survival Mode

9 Nov

This post is of a different nature.  Actually, it is an urgent matter that really needs attention. Real Army of Moms needs help spreading the word.  Below explains the situation. Please share, post, email, send a few bucks  or whatever you can do.

Mamaliscious and myself are closer to this situation than you realize.  These are our friends, their families and their immediate community.  Imagine…

They are only asking for a Thanksgiving Dinner for their little Hurricane Sandy stricken community.  Not much to ask is it?   We’ve got a Real Army of Moms.  Let’s do this!

Long Beach Devastated By Sandy, Surf Community Comes Together For Thanksgiving Survival
The coastal communities, in the Northeast were devastated by Hurricane Sandy and Long Beach NY was one of the worst hit. While FEMA and state efforts continue, surfers take matters into their own hands.
As many of you are aware Long Beach, NY, was devastated.  Many people have lost everything they own and are still without power, heat and hot water. There is, however, one thing that Hurricane Sandy didn’t count on when she set out to destroy this little seaside town. Community!  Long beach is a surf community like no other, and when times are bad it “comes together”. 

Swingbellys BBQ, Skudin Surf, and the LBSA put forth this emergency relief effort in order to restore happyThanksgiving Dinners for at least one hundred families in Long Beach NY. 

LBSA Board Member Billy Kupferman says, “Long Beach was hit hard.  The city is devastated… but we are strong.  I have never seen people come together like this in my life.  There is such a sense of community. Sean is a hero.  Straight up.  His restaurant was destroyed but his main concern is the people of this town and making sure they don’t miss Thanksgiving.  The LBSA is 100% behind his effort and proud to be on board. Having help from people like Mike and Peter is incredible.  They are going above and beyond for the people here.  I feel so blessed to have all these people in my life”. 

“Immediately prior to Sandy, I was working closely with Cliff Skudin and Billy Kupferman in order to integrate the Swipe4theKids merchant platform into the Long Beach community to help school programs.  However, once Sandy hit, the plan was placed on hold and all involved went into emergency assistance mode. With Thanksgiving approaching, I quickly refocused my efforts in order to help their cause”, stated Mike Boccio, Swipe4TheKids special advisor. 

Skudin Surf and Surf for All are honored to be able to service our community in anyway that is needed during the next several months of rebuilding through clothing drives, providing warm food and shelter, raising funds to restore community property, and working together to lift the spirits    of those devastated by this disaster”. Cliff Skudin and Will Skudin of Skudin Surf added.

Jim Mulvaney of Surf for All encourages, “Whether it’s the kind of money that jingles, or the kind of money that folds, it is more appreciated than they could ever express in words”.  We thank you in advance for your support.  

 About is a charity based in Long Beach, NY, dedicated to assisting people in getting people into the ocean, on to surf boards to assist in maximizing their potential. We believe the ocean is a source of healing and spiritual strength that should be accessible to all. 


Snooki STFU… Here’s A Real Role Model

14 Dec

Hopefully by now you are getting to know me, or at least getting to know my personality.  I’ve let you into my world… sharing my sometimes obnoxious stories, exploiting friends from my cellphone, my boarding habits,  my passions, my mancave and my quest to be “One with the Ride“.

This week I will stay on point with friends in my cellphone… Moving up the list backwards ( If you payed attention) Last week I started with “W” the next name in my contacts starts with V.

V is a special V, it is a double V.  First name V, last name V as in VV.

VV is the CEO of a company in the midst of re-introducing an American Icon to the World.  Therefore, once again, I am able give you, my lovelies… the goods.  
Ladies… I would like to introduce to you, an American Icon. One that I am sure that you are familiar with and if you are not, you must live under a rock.  This Icon happens to be a female, which is why I figured that you would appreciate it.  She has a commonality with my personal  lifestyle, otherwise I wouldn’t be giving her the time of day.

It was long ago during the glory days of the Malibu Surf Scene that she made her debut, which put an everlasting mark in the history of  the surf culture. 
The scene that she once ruled and the equipment she once rode have changed quite a bit,  however another tidal surge will further embed her name in future generations of female action sports enthusiast…

Will the real “Gidget” please stand up! 

You weren’t expecting Sally Fields were you?

The year was 1957… A war-weary nation was looking for a simpler, more joyful approach to life. Enter  Gidget—the story of a girl fascinated by the waves at Malibu Beach and the surfers who rode them. Nicknamed “Gidget” for “Girl Midget,” this young girl persuaded the local surfers to teach her to ride the waves. 

If Gidget’s story had not been told, California Xanadu would not have existed.  American youth would have missed out on one of the most powerful archetypes of innocence and fun. They would have been denied a happiness based on sunlight and sand between toes and the freedom to live life as one chooses.

Suddenly it’s 2011… A war-weary nation is again looking for a simpler approach to life. Other trends come and go. But Gidget is here to set the standard for those “corny” ideas we all want our kids and grandkids to embrace. Old-fashioned character traits like honesty, fairness, kindness and true friendship.

Amazingly, there has not been a new Gidget movie or TV show in 20 years. That is about to change, Gidget Worldwide is currently working with Hollywood partners to re-launch a series of entertainment properties so that an entirely new generation of young women and girls can experience the wholesome fun that Gidget stood for way back when… right now in the 21st century.
The beach and beyond… Gidget is   all about clean, wholesome fun and not just in the world of surfing.  Gidget Worldwide has plans to include other active sports like wakeboarding, skateboarding, snowboarding, skiing, soccer, softball, bicycling and beach volleyball. Look for the full line of apparel, accessories, sportswear, sporting goods, fragrances, bedding and home goods, music, DVD’s, games, accessories, and much more!  

Gidget’s vision, is for all girls to experience the fun of being a Gidget girl. They encourages girls to live more active, confident, joyful lives. And why not? After all, any girl can be a Gidget girl!
Keep an eye out for an entire line of Gidget goods in 2012.  

Gidget is Mom Approved!

Boneless Cowboy… But let’s just call him JW

6 Dec

I think today…  I will introduce you to a lifestyle or more of an addiction. One that many of you might not be aware of… or may have never had it slapped in front of your face before… One that entails the ability to block the fear, in search of a freedom in itself.  Fluid motion in many different forms, going many different directions, with many different meanings…  The few call it …”One with the Ride

When I think of the term “One with the Ride” I can totally relate it to my lifestyle… Keep in mind, it’s a term that I was literally unaware of, or, the words had never crossed my lips in that order, until a few months ago… But it seemed to stick

However… as you can see, I am one with the ride.

Now… this is not about me and my surfing, however… surfing just happens to be my ride of choice… 
Like I said when we started this blog, I will try to keep things fresh, spontaneous, different, and wacky, at the same time, spreading a little love with friends that I respect across America… I am not referring to my Rockstar and Celebrity friends. (However I may pull them out of my ass at any moment) 
Just everyday ordinary normal friends.  Fortunately for you, the majority of my friends are far from normal…
Lets start with the address book in my cell phone.  Not from A, but from Z.  I do actually have a Z in here, but I will save Zoro for another story. lol  So “W” it will have to be.
Today, I am reaching out, outside my area code, across the country, to a town in a state that I’ve never been before.  Better yet, it’s a guy I met face to face maybe once or twice…  But… We be Boarders. Bonded by commonality, like indians in a tribe.
The Boneless Cowboy
Today…  I want to introduce to you The Boneless Cowboy.  I don’t expect any of you to understand, unless you, or a loved one, are one with a particular ride.  Anyways… from this point forward, for security purposes only… we’ll just call him.,  JW
I met JW over a decade ago when I was merely a servant to his trade. (Scratch that, that don’t sound to good for my rep) …when we were making his skateboard decks. (Much cooler…  and  yes, skateboarding is also a part of my life)  Which is what this little story is about… Being one with a ride.  You catching on yet?
Now obviously I just didn’t pull that term “One With the Ride” out of thin air…  JW happened to plop it in my melon. (Scratch that one too. No likey)  …happened to introduce me to the term.  As always, I do give credit, where credit is due.

 JW is a very innovative, DIY kind of guy, that participates in anything pertaining to riding. (At least the ones that I can appreciate) The guy rides all kinds of things that I have never ridden.  Even a few that I’d like to try to master myself.  I guess when you are a landlocked surfer in the middle of the sticks, ya gotta seek out new territories and rushes to fill the void.  

In closing, I just want to  say JW is just a good ol’ boy, with a big ol’ heart, that loves what he does and helps others while doing it.

Boneless Cowboy aka JW, Zen Master and One with the Ride…
As far as I’m concerned…

Adam G

A Beautiful Son…

7 Sep

Last Sunday, I was unfortunate to have to say goodbye to one of my closest friends ever.  Carlos Montejo, who died suddenly last week of a stroke.  His friends, or shall I say us, his family in the small surf community of Newport Beach CA were devastated.

We sent him off with a bang…  A beautiful memorial.  True surf style.

Carlos was a hero to many and an inspiration to all who that he had touched.

Please take a minute to watch a beautiful tribute video that friends put together in Carlito’s Memory.

I love you LBL… You will forever be in my heart… Rest peacefully old friend.

Adam G