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Emergency Thanksgiving Survival Mode

9 Nov

This post is of a different nature.  Actually, it is an urgent matter that really needs attention. Real Army of Moms needs help spreading the word.  Below explains the situation. Please share, post, email, send a few bucks  or whatever you can do.

Mamaliscious and myself are closer to this situation than you realize.  These are our friends, their families and their immediate community.  Imagine…

They are only asking for a Thanksgiving Dinner for their little Hurricane Sandy stricken community.  Not much to ask is it?   We’ve got a Real Army of Moms.  Let’s do this!

Long Beach Devastated By Sandy, Surf Community Comes Together For Thanksgiving Survival
The coastal communities, in the Northeast were devastated by Hurricane Sandy and Long Beach NY was one of the worst hit. While FEMA and state efforts continue, surfers take matters into their own hands.
As many of you are aware Long Beach, NY, was devastated.  Many people have lost everything they own and are still without power, heat and hot water. There is, however, one thing that Hurricane Sandy didn’t count on when she set out to destroy this little seaside town. Community!  Long beach is a surf community like no other, and when times are bad it “comes together”. 

Swingbellys BBQ, Skudin Surf, and the LBSA put forth this emergency relief effort in order to restore happyThanksgiving Dinners for at least one hundred families in Long Beach NY. 

LBSA Board Member Billy Kupferman says, “Long Beach was hit hard.  The city is devastated… but we are strong.  I have never seen people come together like this in my life.  There is such a sense of community. Sean is a hero.  Straight up.  His restaurant was destroyed but his main concern is the people of this town and making sure they don’t miss Thanksgiving.  The LBSA is 100% behind his effort and proud to be on board. Having help from people like Mike and Peter is incredible.  They are going above and beyond for the people here.  I feel so blessed to have all these people in my life”. 

“Immediately prior to Sandy, I was working closely with Cliff Skudin and Billy Kupferman in order to integrate the Swipe4theKids merchant platform into the Long Beach community to help school programs.  However, once Sandy hit, the plan was placed on hold and all involved went into emergency assistance mode. With Thanksgiving approaching, I quickly refocused my efforts in order to help their cause”, stated Mike Boccio, Swipe4TheKids special advisor. 

Skudin Surf and Surf for All are honored to be able to service our community in anyway that is needed during the next several months of rebuilding through clothing drives, providing warm food and shelter, raising funds to restore community property, and working together to lift the spirits    of those devastated by this disaster”. Cliff Skudin and Will Skudin of Skudin Surf added.

Jim Mulvaney of Surf for All encourages, “Whether it’s the kind of money that jingles, or the kind of money that folds, it is more appreciated than they could ever express in words”.  We thank you in advance for your support.  

 About is a charity based in Long Beach, NY, dedicated to assisting people in getting people into the ocean, on to surf boards to assist in maximizing their potential. We believe the ocean is a source of healing and spiritual strength that should be accessible to all. 


Great Kid, Great Cause

26 Sep

Pretty recently, Michelle, Agent Daddy and myself went to a little shin-dig in Long Beach, where we were fortunate to meet little Brandon Weaver. What a good kid.  There’s nothing like a good kid using his influence to help other kids.  
After reading this, If any of you Moms are truly concerned about the deterioration of  Youth Enrichment school programs, and want to make a real difference in your community, here is your shot.   Feel free… No, it’s your duty as Moms, to recommend businesses in your town to the Swipe4TheKids Program.  Just tell them Brandon Weaver sent you. 
Besides, how can you deny a face like that. Makes you want to pinch his little cheeks.

Race car driver Brandon Weaver has just signed on as a Swipe4TheKids spokesperson, and at 12 years of age, he’s got vision for his generation.
Swipe4TheKids is a program that creates sustainable funding through a business’s ordinary practices, and provides resources for youth sports, music, and the arts programs that are at risk of dissolution or cutbacks.

Brandon initially became interested when learning that the program helps children discover and develop their talents who lack the resources to do so. As a young race car driver, this hit close to home. “My favorite thing in life is racing. Even though I like school and do well, I couldn’t have discovered racing by just excelling in academics. I’ve been blessed to be able to pursue my racing career, but there are a lot of kids who don’t have the choice. Swipe4TheKids helps the kids in my generation discover their talents, and I am happy to support that.”

Brandon has accomplished a great amount in his 12 years thus far. The Bakersfield, CA native began racing with the International Karting Federation at just 6 years old. Since, he’s raced the Bandolero Series, in which he earned the title 2011 California State Champion of the Bandolero Bandit Division, and #3 in the US. In 2012, he began racing the Legends car. To date, Brandon has won more than 25 races and has 40 Top 5 finishes.
Swipe4TheKids recognized Brandon’s talent, appreciates the support in the program, and has joined the two together by signing the young driver as a spokesperson. Swipe4TheKids is proud to have Brandon Weaver on the team and part of the community.

About Swipe4TheKids
Swipe4TheKids is a sustainable funding program for youth sports, music, and the arts programs at risk of cutbacks or total dissolution, providing children with the opportunity to participate in vital youth activities. The program raises money through a business’ merchant services platform. When a customer makes an electronic payment transaction at a participating business, a portion of the merchant services fee that the business incurs goes to Swipe4TheKids. The funding directly impacts programs in the area where that company is located, such as local sports clubs, recreation centers, music programs, and others.