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Where’s Erica?

11 Jan

Today, I thought I’d share a Facebook post I witnessed that definitely gave me a chuckle. 

Pretty recently, I noticed pro-surfer and friend Erica Hosseini  post that she needed a Bootie Freshener. Well... if you surf, and fully understand the frequent use of the word bootie, no big deal right? On the other hand, the majority of the population could not possibly understand the word bootie used in this particular context. 
As popular of an item that Erica has made herself in the world of new media, you could imagine that she, as a beautiful, talented pro-surfer/TV personality can accumulate allot of friends in and out of the surf world. 

Anyways, I noticed this post flash across the screen, where Erica had inquired if anyone knew of a good Bootie deodorizer that they could recommend for her. OMG! Say what? To that average human, outside the realm of the surf world, the interpretation of that question could be read one way.  Yes... You guessed it. A stinky arse... 

I've known her since she was a grom and despite the stinky bootie issue, she is a true inspiration to all women. So if you want to follow her constant, fun travels and crazy antics, go check out to see where she is now.

Until next time...

Adam G